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If you’re a teen, you’re probably wondering, “How can I start making money online at 13?” The possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas: Freelance writing, Flipping items, Tutoring, and Etsy. And, of course, you can always sell your creations on eBay or social media. These activities are commonplace, but you can turn them into a source of income if you want to.

Freelance writing

The best way to get started in the freelance writing business is by working for a previous employer. This way, you can have some experience in the field and have a leg up on your competitors. Ask your former employer if they need any freelance writers. Also, visit business districts and try to get in touch with different businesses. You can call them or even walk into their offices. You can get an idea of their needs and prices.

Flipping items

When you are young, you can start a side business selling used goods online. This is known as flipping items. The process involves buying items at a lower price and selling them for a profit. In order to be successful at flipping items, you need to find a market for these items. Start by buying items from thrift stores and garage sales, and then advertising them online. Flipping items can be profitable even for teenagers, and you can even turn your hobby into a full-time income if you wish.

One of the most important keys to success in flipping is to know the value of the item before you buy it. You might have a little success with individual items, but you’ll need a lot of experience to become an expert. It’s best to keep your smartphone nearby, so you can check its value on various websites and apps before buying it. Having the right items is important, as buyers will be turned off by bad pictures.


Whether you have a background in education or want to earn extra cash in your free time, online tutoring can give you the flexibility you need. Unlike traditional tutoring, online tutoring can be done from anywhere. If you are able to master the subject you’re tutoring, you can make a good living without a lot of initial effort. The website Wyzant will help you set up your profile and get started tutoring online right away. It’s easy to get started, and the website’s website and list of prospective students keeps quality high.

One way to make money online at 13 is through self-publishing a book. Self-publishing a book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform takes as little as five minutes. You’ll have access to Amazon’s millions of customers and can set the price you want. You’ll keep 70% of the sale, which is an excellent deal for a teenager just starting out. You can earn as much as a thousand dollars a month or more depending on how long you want to work.


Making money online is difficult, but it is possible for teens to earn a little extra cash. Teens can do odd jobs, neighborhood help, and other work that is allowed for their age. To earn extra money online, teens should join five or more survey sites. Once they’ve signed up, they’ll receive emails from survey sites asking them to complete surveys. The more survey sites they join, the higher the chances of being selected for a survey.

To start boosting your Etsy sales, you should analyze your marketing strategy. You should target your niche and use different keywords for different items. Then, you should focus more on the products that sell well. Try offering a discount to first-time buyers, or subscribe to your email newsletter for more details on your product. You should try to create a store that has unique items that attract customers.

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