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One of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube is through affiliate marketing. You need to promote a particular product, place links in your video description, and advertise the product to your audience. You can then make money from this method through AdSense or selling merchandise. You can also negotiate with brands and repurpose video content. Here are the steps to get started:

Selling merchandise

One of the easiest ways to monetize your YouTube channel without monetization is to sell products relevant to your videos. If you have a cooking channel, you could sell a cookbook or host paid cooking sessions. You could also create branded merchandise based on your own experience and expertise. If you’re a good livestreamer, you could highlight chat messages from viewers in your videos. Depending on your niche, you can even create a physical product based on your channel’s theme.

You can use two different methods to monetize your videos. You can use YouTube’s applause feature or Patreon, a crowd-funding platform where users can donate to creators. Patreon takes between five and 12% of your total earnings. Buy Me a Coffee is another option that offers additional perks for subscribers, such as higher viewing and listening experience. However, these options come with a price.

Negotiating with a brand

When you start a YouTube channel, you may want to start by negotiating with a brand. You may not have negotiated with brands before, so do some research on the brand. Knowing more about the brand will help you be more persuasive when negotiating with a brand. The more relevant your content is to their target audience, the better. But, it doesn’t hurt to be creative and offer compromises. The strength of your negotiation will depend on your ability to walk away.

Repurposing video content

Repurposing video content is one of the easiest ways to generate extra revenue on YouTube. YouTube creators can repurpose old content into new videos. These videos can be promoted to drive traffic to their eCommerce websites. When repurposing old content into new videos, link back to your eCommerce website in the description of the video. In this way, YouTube users can learn about your eCommerce website without spending time on SEO.

To make money on YouTube without monetization, you need to create high-quality videos in a niche that has high potential. Then, make sure you optimize the videos for SEO and create attractive thumbnails. You can use Canva to help you create appealing thumbnails. Another way to create compelling videos is to use stock footage, also known as royalty-free stock videos. Usually, royalty-free stock footage is used for large video productions. With a little tweaking, you can use it to generate revenue without having to produce your own video. You can also use Artgrid to find high-quality stock videos.


There are several ways to monetize your videos on YouTube, but the most popular way is to link your AdSense account with your YouTube account. This can be done by clicking the “monetization” link in the YouTube partner program’s settings, and then following the directions. Afterward, you must wait until the end of the month before your earnings are finalized. You should see your earnings in your AdSense account once you’ve reached a certain threshold.

Another popular method is to work with brands directly. Some brands will pay you to promote their products. You can arrange special discount codes with them so that they can track your sales. You can sign up for brand collaborations through Grapevine, a service that lists available opportunities. However, you will need at least 2000 subscribers to be accepted. Make sure your videos have quality content that is engaging to your audience and get them subscribed.

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