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If you’re wondering how to make money Facebook marketplace, keep reading! There are several ways to maximize your earnings using Facebook’s online marketplace. In this article, we’ll cover Rules to follow, Items that sell quickly on Facebook, and Pricing an item so it sells immediately. Regardless of your skill level, Facebook Marketplace can help you get started quickly. Even if you don’t know much about selling, you can use this free service to sell unwanted items.

Rules for selling on Facebook Marketplace

You can list items for sale on Facebook Marketplace, but there are some rules you need to follow. It is illegal to sell unreal or digital items on Facebook. Likewise, you cannot sell “lost and found” posts or event tickets. The image you upload must match the description of the item. You can’t include before and after pictures. And last but not least, you can’t sell hazardous or healthcare products on Facebook Marketplace.

Items that sell well on Facebook Marketplace

Furniture is one of the items that sell well on Facebook Marketplace. People always look for new or used furniture. Take good photos of your item so that potential buyers will see what they are buying. If the pictures are poorly lit, they may turn off potential buyers. Another item that sells well is kid’s clothes, especially in large lots. This is a popular category, and parents tend to buy clothes in bulk. The best time to list clothes is before the seasons change or before school starts.

Capturing your product from multiple angles in Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace offers a wide variety of exposure for sellers. According to Statista, there are approximately 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users. These people visit Facebook at least once a day and often check their feeds for new content. By taking a picture from multiple angles, you can highlight different aspects of your product. These include its texture, scale, design, and color. Using photos that show all of these aspects will help potential buyers get a better idea of the product.

Pricing an item to sell immediately on Facebook Marketplace

One of the most difficult decisions you must make when selling an item on Facebook Marketplace is how to price it. You must determine a price that is reasonable enough to ensure a quick sale. Pricing your item at 50 percent off retail price is a good general rule. To find out what the going rate for similar items in your area is, do some research. Once you have an idea of what the market price for similar items is, you can decide on the pricing that will maximize your chances of getting a quick sale.

Other ways to make money on Facebook

While selling on Facebook is not a full-time business, it does open up the possibility of expanding your buyer base. Facebook’s algorithms analyze online behavior and automatically bring relevant posts to users’ newsfeeds. Facebook connects companies, organizations, and like-minded individuals. Using this platform to sell on Facebook is a smart way to increase your audience and earn money. Here are some of the other ways to make money on Facebook marketplace.

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