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If you are looking for ways to make money from home without a formal education, then data entry may be the answer. This type of work is a great way to earn money on your spare time. Most companies will pay you for each keystroke or word that you type. Besides being convenient, this type of work does not require any training or experience. Data entry companies pay on the number of words or keystrokes you type in. If you are able to complete several tasks in a day, you will earn a lot.

Work-from-home data entry jobs

There are several websites that offer work-from-home data entry jobs. The best site to look for such a job is FlexJobs, a popular freelance marketplace. The jobs that appear on this site are typically more lucrative than the gigs that are posted by freelancers. FlexJobs has job listings from reputable companies, and the company’s employees undergo a vetting process before posting them. Another great site for work-from-home jobs is Indeed. This site has international presence and allows you to filter your search by specific skill sets.

Companies that hire data entry clerks

Data entry is the process of entering data from paper documents into a computer system. Companies that hire data entry clerks ensure that their company’s information is organized and readily available. This position involves preparing source documents for computer entry and maintaining a database of customer information. A data entry clerk must have a steady pace and sharp eye, as well as the integrity to properly handle confidential information. They must also be comfortable working in a noisy environment and rely on technology and limited distractions.

Basic skills needed for the job

Aside from the basic computer skills, people who want to pursue a career in data entry must have good listening and language skills. The job requires a high level of accuracy and efficiency, and therefore, knowledge of grammar and spelling is essential. Data entry specialists must also be good communicators, as they must communicate with other team members, managers, and customers. These skills can be learned through basic computer courses. Basic courses are available for data entry jobs at local tertiary institutions or online.

Common employers

As a data entry job applicant, you should be well-prepared to answer the question, “Why should I be hired?” Think about your key qualifications and what makes you a good candidate for the position. If you’ve worked in a similar position before, mention it in your cover letter. Be sure to highlight any relevant experience. Common employers for data entry often seek candidates who are experienced with various types of business data and can demonstrate a strong grasp of computer software.

Income potential

If you’re a busy mother, remote data entry can be a great fit. Working from home can offer you the convenience of an income without having to spend any time or money on training. Data entry tasks are generally methodical and straightforward, so you can complete them with little stress. It’s easy to begin with basic data entry rolls, and these can help you hone your computer skills and industry vocabulary. In time, you can move up to higher-paying jobs.

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